The company has its origin in the partnership firm of B E Billimoria & Company which was established by Mr. Beji E Billimoria and Mr. Laxmidas K Kapadia.

Our business is quality construction and our work speaks for itself

Since the inception of the Company in 1958, B.E. Billimoria & Co. Limited has enjoyed solid, consistent growth and financial stability and is well known as one of India's leading, dynamic and diversified firms of Civil Engineering Construction Contractors.

At B.E. Billimoria & Co. Limited we are not just capable General Contractors; we are partners committed to building an empowering environment for our clients through creative and value-oriented building solutions. Our business philosophy and our relationships are based on trust and integrity and these principles embody what we stand for as a Company, as Partners and as Individuals.

The Company's reputation and position of strength is founded on its history, its people, its passion for quality and customer service, and our outstanding client list.

Our greatest assets are:

  • Reputation throughout the industry as an organisation built on honesty and integrity.
  • Capability to deliver superior construction quality through
    • consistently disciplined work methods with commitment to high standards of workmanship;
    • ability to mobilize resources and execute quality projects within stringent completion schedules;
    • deployment of sophisticated building systems and adoption of current innovation in construction technology - to innovate and provide real value.
  • Financial Strength, based on sound financial practices; our excellent credit rating is among the highest in the country's construction industry.
  • People power of dedicated and well experienced Civil Engineers and technical and supervisory staff empowered with resources to get the job well done. Our people are professionals who are motivated to build exciting and challenging projects. They have initiative. They explore new ideas. They seek better solutions. They are enthusiastic, hardworking and committed to quality and excellence.
  • Wealth of management know-how and strength to each project; long-term strategies are formulated by managers who grew up in the business.
  • Safety is a core value and providing a safe work environment consistent with good construction practices is a priority.
  • Relationships our clients and associates enjoy working with us. We apply our extensive knowledge of construction to maximize the value of our clients' investments. They have faith in our ability to take on challenges, provide solutions and work to schedule without compromising our quality.

Committed to innovation, excellence and ethical business conduct, B.E. Billimoria & Co. Limited is ideally positioned to move confidently towards even greater achievement.


BEB is a value-driven organisation. Our values of integrity, professional response, transparency, innovation and providing quality within agreed schedules, have won us respect in the industry and permitted sustained growth and long-term success.

At BEB our objectives are to promote the development of strategies to continuously improve construction competitiveness, to encourage lean construction through elimination of wastage, to ensure safety, to maximise stakeholder satisfaction and help influence positive changes in the industry.

The construction industry is an exciting arena of new technologies and methodologies and at BEB we aim to add value to our unique capabilities and remain at the front by networking and collaborating with related professional and research organisations to leverage new-age technology to consistently improve our performance.

Our greatest assets are our reputation and our people; our strengths lie in our technical expertise and in working responsibly and cohesively with our clients and our associates.